Friday, February 18, 2011

Back in Action...

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I have been very MIA recently because I got engaged and got a puppy!! I have been knee deep in wedding magazines and wee wee pads, and needless to say, I missed clothing and fashion and blogging! So I am back in action and just in time to catch the tale end of New York Fashion Week. I have to say that my initial reaction to fashion week is that I am so excited for Fall! Fur, Sheer Maxi skirts, and loads of prints.... OBSESSED.

This image is taken by the girls of, my favorite website to visit daily. Katherine Powers is holding a Rebecca Minkoff jacket that I literally want to jump in the picture and steal. Leather sleeves of a camel... I need it now.....

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  1. you're so cute :) knee deep in wedding mags and wee wee it.