Monday, November 22, 2010

My Fashion Olympics

(in black)

I have never been an athlete, so I have no idea what the rush feels like right before the referee has yelled go or the Nascar girl screams start your engines...but I imagine it was very similar to the feeling I got this weekend right before they let me and a group of women loose at my local H&M to get our hands on their Lanvin collection. This endeavor took up my entire Saturday. I arrived promptly at 6:30 A.M and was given a bracelet to come back for my "time slot" at 12:45. Once I arrived back there were about ten riot police on guard and about 400 people shoving to get a look at the one room that held the collection. Once it was my time, my group was placed behind a rope and waited our turn. As the last minute counted down, I swear I could feel my heart in my ears. Once us crazies were "let loose" we all grabbed for our most prized items, but were only allowed one piece per garment, so you had to be sure of your size. You had only fifteen minutes to shop and try on, and as you left to the dressing rooms, they CUT OFF your bracelet. It was intense and it was totally worth it. I felt as though I had won the fashion Olympics as I took home three of my favorite dresses from the collection.  All for $199 a pop, which is quiet a steal compared to their normal dresses which retail for about $3,000.
Which of my new dresses is your fave?

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  1. ahh im in love and so jealous! i didnt even try to go in chicago